Who Am I?


Hi all, my name is Steve. I am now making a living investing and doing internet marketing. I was introduced to internet marketing when I was at the age of 20, 2009. Fast forward now, I am comfortably making money from my home (Currently reside in USA). I was fortunate enough to come across Wealthy Affiliate and before that, I had almost spent thousands of dollars on affiliate market product/coaching that does not work.


Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate

At first, when I saw wealthy affiliate, I was a bit skeptical. At that time, the price was $30 per month. $30 USD to me is a lot compared to Sinagpore dollar. I was not making a lot of money, and that $30 per month means a lot to me. However, if there is no risk, there will be no rewards so I paid $30 and start my WA journey. (At that time, WA does not have Starter Package (Which is free)!You guys are so LUCKY!)


Wealth Affiliate 2014

Wealthy Affiliate 2014

My First Commission!

My first commission took me quite long (About a month). The first commission I had was about $40 (It was 2009). I was so excited that I told my friend, internet marketing works! Because I saw money coming in, it motivate me to work harder, as times go by, I received more and more money, and eventually making thousands and thousands  of dollar a day! That is CRAZY!




Commission Junction(CJ)


Lastly, RevenueWire

You can have all the above paycheck if you work hard. Money does not fall from sky, and it is only YOU can make this happen.