Internet / Affiliate Marketing Dead 2017?



I have been in internet marketing for years now, and I am going to say Internet marketing is not an easy job. I have witness many internet marketer fall throughout the years. I know some who earns thousands of dollars end up earning less than $100 per month. I also saw many of these big players exit internet marketing and move on with life. Let me tell you a brief history of affiliate marketing. First it was using Google Adwords to make direct affiliate links. Many people who enters early earns about $10000 a day if they do it right. At that time, I was just starting out, and I was able to make like $100 a day. Not bad for a beginner. As words of affiliate marketing make you rich flows out, many people started doing it and made Google having tons of ads, therefore leads to unfriendly user experience. So, Google starts to slap whoever who do direct links. Then the game change.

Affiliate die and back and die again!

After making direct affiliate links from Google Adwords failed. People started to make a web page with a sole purpose to re-direct  the clicker from Google Adwords to the affiliate website. What do I mean by that? Imagine a website with just a picture of the product with a big “CLICK HERE”. That is what I meant  by a site with sole purpose of directing user to the affiliate site. After Google found out that people are using this tactics, Google yet again slap internet marketer. ( I didn’t do this, I straight went to do good content webpages)

Year 2017 is affiliate marketing dead?

Fast forward to now, Google is all about content. Good content makes user happy, and solve users problems. I have a few webpages that did that and rank pretty well in Google because of good content. Many people thinks affiliate marketing is just setting up a website and people will buy that product through your website. But good old ways are all dead. One need to have a great content, and make a web page which help user rather than a web page that just want user to click on affiliate links.

Bottom line:

Is affiliate/internet marketing dead? Well, I don’t think so! If you are to work on the things you like and give expert advise, it will definitely works. Many of my webpages which does affiliate marketing earns thousands every month because my content is good and also it helps people solve their problems. Likewise, I recommend people used the product before they recommend it. Don’t just recommend something just because of the large commission payout. If you do so, your content will be weak because you have no idea how it works. You may think you can read other people’s review and write about it, trust me, it does not work, because it will not be unique and it is hard to do it too.

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  1. Jose Carrillo says:

    I like the look and feel of this blog post. For affiliate marketing you need consistent free traffic and paid traffic. Don’t use Google Ad Words. Use Bing Ads, use the best performing landing page and scale up in stages the winning ad.

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