What is a Buffer Sites? Do they work for SEO?


What is a buffer site?

Buffer sites, for now, is the most powerful way to linking structure in existence. So what is buffer sites? Buffer sites is a website like blog, articles or other form of Web 2.0 properties. Most people uses blogs like WordPress, blogger or tumblr as their buffer sites. By using buffer sites, you can protect your money site (main site) from having unnatural back links. Google does not like unnatural back links so now with buffer sites, you can rest assure your money site will not get black listed by Google for now (Who knows Google change algorithm in the future).

So how does buffer site words?

Below there is a picture of how it works for 2014

As you can see there are many Web 2.0 Properties linking to your money site (Money site is your main site). Those Web 2.0 properties are blogs, social network etc. But I normally have blogs like Tumblr, blogger and WordPress for my web 2.0. So all you have to do is link them (web 2.0) to your money site, and then use these buffer sites to mass “spam” back links. So if google caught you with unusual backlinks, they will not blacklist your money site, but your web 2.0. Therefore, always use a buffer sites if you are using tools like GSA Search Ranker, Ultimate Demon or Magic Submitter.

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