Why I need to have tools?

As an Internet Marketer, we need some tools to help use leverage our site to be in the best spots on search engines. The term of making website visible to search engine, increase amount of visitor, and obtaining high ranking placement is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. Below are some tools I use to increase my SEO and kick my competitors to dust. Although Wealthy Affiliate does provide tools, those tools are good for getting started. However, if you want to go into very competitive keywords (like “hosting review”, etc….), this tools will help you get the SEO ranking you need. Many Internet marketer does not want to tell you how they do SEO because they are afraid you might be their competitor, but for me, I always like to share. Below are a few tools I use to help me get my website love by Google and other major search engines. To learn about me, click here.

Back linking tools

We know that Google uses back links to determine one’s webpages. The more back links to your money site, the more page rank you have and thus your website will be rank higher in Google. However during the past few years, Google have make new algorithm to prevent internet marketer from spamming back links to their website. If a website is caught making unnatural back links, his/her website ranks will dropped significantly without warning. Below are a few auto-back-linker that work for current Google algorithm, but a buffer page is required. Please click here to read about buffer page. There are altogether 3 back linking tools I am currently using. All of them are good, however, they are not for everyone. For example some of the back linking SEO tools are way harder to learn and some are just newbie friendly. I will go over it in brief here. However, you can go into in-depth review which I had done for each of them.

tickMagic Submitter #1

Magic Submitter is one of the best back linking software for beginner. Its user friendly and easy to use interface make the top of my list. If you are new, and you are looking for a back linking SEO software, this is for you. It can do it automatically and within weeks, you might see your website on the first page of major search engines. Click here for Magic Submitter review

tickUltimate Demon #2

Ultimate Demon is the SEO software I use when I first started. Initially, Edwinsoft (The company name) only has Bookmarking demon, in which it will create massive back-links only from social bookmark. But now, they included many other features. This however is not as user friendly as Magic Submitter. It works awesome, but one need to spend time to learn how to use it. Click here for Ultimate Demon Review

tickGSA Search Engine Ranker #3

I put GSA Search Engine Ranker tie with Ultimate Demon because GSA Search Engine Ranker is cheaper than Ultimate Demon. However, GSA Search Engine Ranker need more learning curve. But if one pick it up and learn, GSA is powerful. I do highly recommend this for people who already have been started on internet marketing for quite a while.

tickGSA Captcha Breaker

GSA Captcha Breaker is essential with the above back linking tools. All the above auto back linking tools will create accounts to many of the web 2.0 website (forums, social bookmarks, blogs, etc…) automatically and put your links in those accounts (So it can make a back link to your website). Imagine filling up thousands upon thousands of Captcha. It will not only waste time, but also frustrating when you keep typing the wrong Captcha. Fortunately, with GSA Captcha Breaker, it can integrate with the above 3 back linking SEO software which can save you time and headache.


If you have a website but no web hosting is useless because you cannot let the world see your reviews and product in your website. I have been with a lot of web hosting, and some does good, some does bad. There are many cheap hosting companies out there, but cheap does not mean good uptime. Below are the few hosting I felt they are good.

tickGodaddy # 1

Godaddy is the current hosting service which I use host all my website. Why I choose Godaddy? It is because they are a good brand and I trust that their server will be always up. Before Godaddy, I used some cheap hosting service and it is pain in the a**. They were so slow, and up time was inconsistent. Godaddy might be a bit expensive, but they worth every penny of mine, and thus, I put them here.

tickHost Gator #2

Host Gator is the first hosting company I had back in 2009. They have good uptime and also great support. The problem with host gator is they are more expensive than Godaddy. However, they provide unlimited email space for email unlike Godaddy. Also the SQL space is unlimited too.   The above are the only two hosting company I felt reliable.

crossiPage AVOID

Although it is cheap, most of the time the server is down. Also, one will experience the slow loading time. Slow, I mean it takes minutes to load a page. Your customers/viewer will close the browser by then. It is a big NONO

crossFatCow AVOID

The reason is the same as iPage. They use the same server in a same building. So expect to have the slow loading and down time as iPage

crossHost Papa AVOID

This is a good host until when I want to send an email to one of my affiliate buddy in China. It kept getting rejected (Something to do with black listed IP). I contacted the support and they have no idea what is wrong. But later when I changed to Godaddy, everything works fine.