Magic Submitter
5 Total Score
  • Easiest automated back linking software in the market yet
  • Link reporting
  • Build link pyramid
  • $4.95 for the first month trial. 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Cons
  • Recurring of $67 per month. (But I think it is a good investment)
  • Total Score


    If you are reading this, you are probably wanted to know about this product or perhaps wanted to learn how to get back links automatically to boost your search ranks in major search engines.

    I have used Magic Submitter and many other similar products like Ultimate Demon or GSA search ranker. However, Magic Submitter is the best and by far the most newbie friendly for user who are just started out in the world of internet marketing.

    Join Magic Submitter for $4.95 here

    Magic Submitter is a powerful software that will help you rank higher in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc, if one used correctly.

    With this piece of software, you can easily make thousands of backlinks quickly from in-built sites like articles, videos, blog posts, press releases, social bookmarks and more.

    With the easy to use interface, one can create a campaign and customize whatever requirement they want like tier links, link wheels, link pyramids, private blog networks and many more. These campaigns can be set up to be posted all in one go or dripped out over a period of time or a combination of both.

    You can Submit Content To Over 2000 Different Unique Content and Social Media Sites Including…


    Why Do I need to use Magic Submitter?

    If you want your website to rank in the first page of Google, then Magic submitter can do it for you. Google uses the numbers of back links to rank your website, so the more reliable back links you have, the higher the ranker you will get. However, one must use it right. You need to create a web 2.0 page called the buffer sites.

    You can do back links manually, but it will takes days or months to make 1000 back links. But with an automation software like Magic submitter, you can make 1000 links within minutes.

    If you are new to SEO and you are looking for a back linking automation software, look no further, Magic Submitter will be the tool to get you started and also will be the only software you use for your internet marketing.


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