Busy doing other project


Do not think that I am doing nothing although I work from home. I have many projects. Doing nothing is the worst thing one can think of. As a young adult I have a lot of goals and things I want to accomplish. Since young, I love games, so now I am looking for potential founders to make games together. I don’t mine be a coder since I am a Computer Science Major. Beside looking for new opportunity, I am making more website to increase my income, so I can do more stuff for the world, I hope :).


Building website takes time, but marketing take more time. Every time I launch a new website, it will takes months before I see good sales. Many people thought when I launch a new website, it will automatically go to the first page of Google. I am not a magician, it takes TIME to be there. Hard wok too. I use many of my tools to accomplish those ranking. Many people think link building is everything too, but one must know that you must have good content. I strongly believe that many of the top ranking website in Google has what it takes to help users of Google solve problems. So, just don’t sell affiliate products blindly.


I will be writing my thoughts on MTTBsystem soon. Do not sign up the program until my review is out. I feel that it is not a good opportunity for you to go into MTTBsystem now. More info will be out in a few days. Take care!

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