Is MTTB System (My Top Tier Business) a scam? Kinda! READ BEFORE U BUY!


Well, let me go back a few years before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and before I even got my first penny from the internet. I came across a very convincing website which said it will get me rich fast. Many pictures of people posing with checks, awards and beautiful cars. The company I am talking is called Success university (Check it out in wiki). I joined the company and paid monthly fees to be a member. Mentor from Success University will attach to you and asked you to sell their “product” (which is basically the membership of Success University). Your mentor will also convince you to buy a lot of crap like motivational speech, magazine, personal improvements books and DVD from Success university which I don’t think was helpful. You also have an action plan in which you will need to “follow”. In it, there are a list of names in which you have to fill up. Those names are the names in which you need to promote your “product” to them. So, you have to basically ask your friend/family to join you with this “product” by telling them that they will be rich when you yourself is not rich. So long story short, I lost trust from people and also money in investing this garbage. To me, the system works, you just need to be a VERY GOOD LIAR to make it work. Convince people and make them HOPE that they will be rich is the key for this kind of system to work. Sadly, I am not a very good LIAR so I failed, and so does many of the people I had convinced.

“According to a study by the Bank of Namibia, Success University presents the features of a pyramid scheme, and they have estimated that about 88% percent of participants eventually make losses, with only a minority—at the top of the pyramid—making benefits. Namibia declared Success University illegal in 2008″


MTTB SYSTEM (My Top Tier Business)

So recently , I came across a new “system” to earn money. It is called MTTB System (My Top Tier Business) which is found by this guy called Matt Lloyd. After some in depth research, I can guarantee this is a rip-off! It is a MLM system which sells ,basically, HOPE to people and those people (In mattbsystem) are going to tell you, YOU WILL be rich if you follow their steps (21 of them) in which you were given to when u sign up. Furthermore, when you sign up you need to pay a fee of $49.90.

Matt Lloyd claim he will give you $500 if you didn’t earn money but……

In a video, Matt Lloyd claimed that if you didn’t earn money, he will give you $500 plus refund. But here is the catch, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE STEPS IN ORDER TO GET THE $500!!! Which means, if you didn’t follow the steps, you forfeit the $500. So now you must be like: then just follow the steps! Well, you can follow the steps, but within the steps, one have to pay close to $2000 to get a license to promote mttbsystem. Now lets do the math:

$1997 (the exact amount of the license) – 500 (Matt promise to give back) – 49.90(refund) = 1447.1

So after you finish the steps and you decided to withdraw, you will lose a total of $1447.1 from mttbsystem, and Matt Lloyd win and you lose!


What Mttbsytem sells

Mttb System sells nothing! It sell hope! It is a pyramid scheme and only the top tier will earn money. If you are convince by Matt Lloyd, then go ahead and get yourself scam by one of the scam artist on the internet. The lack of integrity and misleading sales pages to get user to sign up is a big WARNING sign to you.

Bottom Line:

I am here to stop people from being convinced by this scam artist Matt Lloyd. MLM works in a way, if you are the top tier or you have a very huge network of friends/family. However, mttbsystem is a scam because it sells “hope” unlike other MLM companies like Amway, Herbal Life etc (which I do not recommend too), which sells real products that they made. Yes there are people who earn money from mttbsystem, and those people have a huge network in them. Most of them are internet marketer who has been around for quite sometime and has thousands and thousands of mailing list. But again these internet marketer just want money from you, they will just convince you that they earn money from this system etc etc… Of course they earn money from this system! they have over thousands of mailing list to scam from!

So if you are

  • An internet marketer with integrity and wants people to trust you
  • New to MLM
  • New to make money online


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  1. mm says:

    thanks for the information bro. its hard to know what people are scamming until someone experience it

  2. jojo says:

    Matt Lloyd and the entire MTTB MOBE is a DECEITFUL LIE.
    For $2,000 they teach you how to LIE and STEAL just using the “SYSTEM” they have established to BS and LIE people into thinking they sell something when all they actually sell is this BS SYSTEM of how to sell someone online the same BS SYSTEM they sell…..they call it all EDUCATION PACKAGES.

    DO NOT USE THIS CON ARTIST LIAR and THIEF. I lost my 49 dollars already don’t lose yours.

    Education products my backside.

  3. Justin says:

    I was actually thinking about joining this program as it sounded interesting but after seeing your helpful reviews, I’m definitely keeping my money! Too many scam programs out there ripping people off! Thanks for the support!

  4. yupp says:

    so your telling me that for $1997+49 i can make possibly tens of thousands of dollars in comissions? i might come up with that 2000.

  5. Ezekiel Oluwafemi says:

    Thanks for this information bro, i really love this.
    Because have been looking for a way to try this system. even if its a lie it worth trying because the money is not much, 49$ is nothing to me but hope i will not just waste my time for something that will not work.
    Thanks for this

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