Qmee Review – Qmee too good to be true or scam?


Want to earn money while searching the web. Well, Qmee is one of those plugin extension that you install in your browser and every time you search on major search engine and retailer, you will earn a little bit of cash. It seems like it is not a bad thing, but is it too good to be true? Is Qmee a scam? Well I have used it and done some research about Qmee. Read my review below to find out more.

4 Total Score
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Works with 8 different websites
  • Works with Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Works with almost all modern browsers
  • Fast Payment (Paypal, and Gift card)
  • Cons
  • Track your privacy
  • Only for USA and UK
  • Low earning potential
  • Website
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    What is Qmee

    Qmee was found in 2012 with the goal of paying users for clicking on ads that displayed on their browser every time they search in major search engines and retailer. It is a plugin extension in which you need to install in your browser to use it. Be it you are a Windows, Linux or Mac user, you will still be able to use it. Unfortunately, Qmee only works with USA and UK users. So if you are not from these countries, you are out of luck.


    Which websites that are compatible with Qmee?

    Currently, Qmee only works with 8 websites. But I believe in the future, there will be more websites that will be compatible with Qmee. Below are the 8 websites that support Qmee.








    Best Buy

    How to make money with Qmee?

    Sign up

    First one has to sign up with Qmee. You can go to Qmee.com to sign up. There are three ways to sign up: regular email, Twitter or Facebook.


    Install plug-in extension

    To install your extension, simply just login into Qmee, and it will have a red flag telling you to install your extension with a “Install Now” button. Below is an example of what it looks like.


    Using it

    First, you need to go to any major websites that I listed above and key in the things you want to search.


    Then, there will be a row of ads display on the left of the screen like the picture below.


    Lastly, see which ads you like, and click it! In the ads, it will show how much you get paid. (See the image below to get an idea of it)


    It is just that simple! After that, you can click on the “Q” icon on your browser to see how much you have made in your piggybank!



    Qmee Earning potential


    Unfortunately, Qmee earning potential is not as much as one might think. It is not going to pay your bills or rent. In my experience, I only made close to a dollar each month. Also, one must know not every searches made will have ads. It all depends on how much Qmee value you as a user.

    Those advertisers who paid for their ads to be seen on Qmee knows how Qmee works, and they also know some users will just click on the ads without providing value (like closing the link immediately after you clicked the ads). So Qmee has to weed out those users (by displaying less ads) who are just simply clicking and not engaging in any business or browsing the site. And yes, Qmee has technologies that tracks how long you visit those sites, and if user engage in business or not!

    Below, is what Qmee listed on their FAQ:

    “Qmee rewards genuine searches: you can’t cheat the system by clicking repeatedly on the same result or clicking from one to another quickly. You’ll build up your value to Qmee by using it as part of your normal online searching. So if you like the look of a result, click on it, explore the pages it leads you to and engage with the business. You’ll be a valued visitor.”

    So how much can one earn with Qmee? It depends on how Qmee see you as a user. If you are valuable to them, I think you can earn more than average Qmee users. But my advice is, don’t put a high expectation on the earning potential.

    Cashing out!

    Finally, all your hard earned searches had made you some money! It is time to cash out! There are two ways to cash out your money. One is by cash payment via Paypal, the other way is by getting a gift card from popular store like Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks (I believe as Qmee grow, more gift cards will be available).

    For Paypal, it is easy. All you have to do is to have a Paypal account, and you are good to go. Just login to Qmee, and click on the Paypal button under the cash out section, and it will bring you to a page like the image below. All you have to do is click Cash out, and within 24 hours, you will get your cash! It is just that simple! My prefer method is Paypal. However, one might not like fees Paypal charges. So Gift cards might be a good alternative.


    As for gift card, user has to cash out using Paypal for at least one time, before they can start using the gift card option. The reason for this is because Qmee wants to verify user’s identity before they give out any gift cards to the user. Also, user must have at least $5 or £5 in their account before he/she can use the gift card option.


    Best Keywords for Qmee search?

    From my experience, searching keywords for consumer products has the highest chance to get the ads appear. If you are searching something like “Best University”, I don’t think there will be any ads. However, in my experience, if you search consumer products keyword like “Xbox, shoes, clothes, etc”, there will be a chance to have an ad display. However, as I said before, how many times an ads display will determine by how much Qmee value you. If you clicked and exit as soon as you get paid, Qmee will not value you as much. So, consumer products keywords, in my opinion, are the best keywords to use.

    Final Thoughts

    Making money with Qmee is easy, and with the extension which works on every modern day browser, everyone can make money as long as they have a computer. However, the earning potential of Qmee is not going to be high because one might only earn less than $10 a month. So does Qmee works? Yes, it does. Can you make enough to pay your bills? No. If you want to earn more, and be able to pay bills, rent or even tuition fees, click on my #1 recommendation link below.

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    1. Ian says:

      Great review. I just installed Swagbucks. How would you compare Qmee and Swagbucks? Pros, cons, which would you suggest?
      By the way, I already have 81 SB without much work. I read in many places I’d earn $5 just for signing up for Swagbucks, but as far as I can tell, that’s not the case….
      Anyway, I know this was a Qmee review, but was just wondering if you could answer my Q’s about Swagbucks, and maybe I’ll switch to Qmee if that’s better.
      Thanks in advance!

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