Life Mechanic University (Unlimited Profits) By Robert Hollis Review – 100% Scam!?




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What Is It Life Mechanic University (Unlimited Profits)?

Learning to make money online is very easy without a guidance or someone pointing you to a right direction. Life Mechanic University, formally know as Unlimited Profits, is a website that claimed that they will “teach you how to make money online”. To me, Life Mechanic University is basically a MLM company which does not provide quality resource to help you make money online. Once you signed up and logged in, it will bring you to a web portal which filled with a bunch of video testimonies and a mailing list which will send you many upselling emails once you give them your email address (Don’t do it >.<). Also, they will provide you an affiliate link, so you can help Robert Hollis get richer since he is the top of the pyramid of this MLM product. So what is Life Mechanic University? A place which you waste your time and money!


How much does it cost?

Life Mechanic University sign up is free, once you sign up, you can start using their LIMITED resource for free. However, you can join to “Become a Student” for $99 per month! Man, that is a huge investment for someone who just started! There is other affiliate coaching website that provide far more value than this! and cost way lesser!


What is the differences between FREE and Paid “Student”?

As I said above, once you signed up, you will have an affiliate link. Free “student” will have less resources and also free “Student” earns 20% for every referral whereas paid “Student” get paid 50%.

Life Mechanic University (Unlimited Profits) Training


Life Mechanic University does not provide quality training in my opinion. They have a bunch of videos that I think one can just Youtube it rather than spending money. Furthermore, with the ridiculous upsell and price tags they asked, I think it is not worth the money to pay for something that does not provide value behind it. It is an MLM product anyway, it does provide the opportunity, however, with such a crappy product, I don’t think it will attract any people to join.

Conclusion for Life Mechanic University (Unlimited Profits)

After using it for a few days, I can say that I do not like Life Mechanic University. It is too pricy and it does not provide a lot other than the “opportunity” they gave, which is earning money by using MLM method. Other than that, I do not really recommend this product. You can always check out my #1 recommendation as they are way better in terms of price and resources to Life Mechanic University (Unlimted Profits).

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  1. James Duncan says:

    Robert is a fat liar, thief and con artist.

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