So you want a discount of Wealthy Affiliate? Good news is there is three different discount in which Wealthy Affiliate offers! It is ok to look for discount, I was once like you, have no money, so I always look for discount :D. And even as I am making a good living now, I still look for discount whenever I can.

Wealthy Affiliate provide a few discount. The first discount is of course the Free membership. To me, it is a discount. Back then there is no such thing as discount. I was charged monthly fee every month just to learn affiliate marketing. Now they provide Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!!!! If you want Wealthy Affiliate starter membership, you click below for free!


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Another discount, which is about 60% off the first month, if you are looking for a premium membership. That will get you full access of Wealthy Affiliate. Below you can see the comparison of starter membership and premium membership. (Note*: after the first month, user pay $47)

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Lastly, it is the yearly membership. For this yearly membership, it cost 359, which is $29 each month. To get yearly membership, you need to be lucky to come across. Kyle and Carson, founder of Wealthy Affiliate, will sometimes offer this yearly membership, but before they offer it, he will let me know, so I can update my site! They will normally have this promotion every year. It can save you so much, nearly 40%! But until then, you can always try Wealthy Affiliate for free until discount comes, or you can use the link above or below to get $19 for the first month.

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