Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017.


Wealthy Affiliate
4.9 Total Score
  • Free to start
  • Excellent Training Videos and Tutorials
  • Over 10,000 Members
  • Access to Experts
  • Live Support Help
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Not MLM
  • Cons
  • Overwhelming training (take it step by step, not all at once)
  • Total Score

    Is there room for Affiliate in 2017? Does Wealthy Affiliate helps?

    Wealthy Affiliate is like a school, it provide you with every step to be a successful internet marketer. Unlike traditional school, there is no due date for assignment, so YOU MUST be discipline to work hard. I have joined Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years now, so I can rest assure you that it worth every penny of your money.


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    That’s my profile!

    Inside Wealthy Affiliate

    When one first login into Wealthy affiliate, one will see a Facebook like interface with people asking questions. It is kind of like a Q&A portal in which people ask questions and those questions are updated every second. As an active member, I will always try my best to answer as many questions as I can, not only I will answer questions, many other successful internet marketer will too, so just ask question because THERE IS NO SILLY QUESTIONS! So please take part in the Q&A and ask question because that is how one person can learn!


    Educational Tool

    Wealthy Affiliate provides many educational resources for beginner to start learning about the world of affiliate marketing. It has many educational lessons and videos for new affiliate marketers to start from nothing. They have classrooms lessons for SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Local Marketing, Video Marketing and many more. So again, if you got stuck, don’t worry, we “Wealthy Affiliater” Will help you, so just ask questions in the Q&A portal! Wealthy Affiliate also provides an Affilite Bootcamp, which I think is very useful!


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    Research/Marketing tool

    Other than educational resources, Wealthy Affiliate also provide one of the best research tool compared to many other programs out there. Some examples of tool are the keywords tool. Getting niche keywords are important, therefore wealthy affiliate came out with a “Keyword search tool” to help internet marketer get niche keywords. Other than that, Wealthy affiliate provide Link Tracker and link cloaking, which help track user’s behavior from your website!


    WealthyAffiliate_keywordsTool  Wealthy_Affiliate_LinkerTool



    Web Builder Tool

    As an affiliate marketer, web site is very important and one might have difficulties if he/she has no knowledge on web development. Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate knows it, so they make it so EASY that anyone can do it. They provide 1400 WordPress template in which you can pick from and start making your affiliate marketing business running within 5 MINUTES!



    So what is Wealthy Affiliate?!

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a place for NEWBIE to learn how to become an internet market!
    2. A coumminty of internet markets (In which one can ask and answer questions)
    3. Of course, it is a PLACE TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A TON of money through affiliate marketing (HARD WORK IS TO BE MADE)
    4. A place with tools/software to help you create website and to make your website ON GOOGLE!
    5. A place with educational resources to help you get started! (There are videos too)

    What is not Wealthy Affiliate?!

    1. Not a place to make you rich OVERNIGHT! (It took me 4 months to make $1000)
    2. It will not make you reach by “Just becoming a member” (HARD WORK NEED TO BE MADE!)
    3. Wealthy affiliate is NOT MLM!

    Wealthy Affiliate Earning Potential

    Below are some of the money I made with the lessons I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. It took me years to make this amount.

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    Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best Affiliate coaching currently in 2017, I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost 5 years. With the resources and community in Wealthy Affiliate, WA always keep me up to date with SEO strategy to beat my competitors down. To join, they offers a starter package in which it is free, but resource is limited for, however if you are ready to go to Premium, you can do it anytime. Nothing to lose to join for FREE! see for yourself here!



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