Scam or not Scam?

If you are here, you must be wondering what the hell is wealthy affiliate and what they provide. You must be one of those people that is looking for alternative income online by working from home. I am glad you came into my website as I am going to show what wealthy affiliate provide. I joined wealth affiliate back in 2009 when I was 20. I was just a guy who came out of high school with no degree. I didn’t do well in school and thus was not able to apply to the subject I want in Singapore. One day I stumbled into wealthy affiliate, and I went on doing tons of research LIKE YOU because I was scammed many times. Some products scammed I used are either outdated or just something you can simply search online with. (Read more about me here)


So go back to the point is wealthy affiliate a junk?! Well, wealthy affiliate works for me because it teaches me how to be a super affiliate and making me tons of money that I was able to invest in Startups in Silicon Valley. I was able to fund myself in college! My dream was to learn programming, so I went to USA, a community college, and later transfer to University of California San Diego to finish up my degree. YES I AM AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT WHO PAYS $12000 per quarter!


So what is Wealthy Affiliate?!

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a place for NEWBIE to learn how to become an internet market!
  2. A coumminty of internet markets (In which one can ask and answer questions)
  3. Of course, it is a PLACE TO TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A TON of money through affiliate marketing (HARD WORK IS TO BE MADE)
  4. A place with tools/software to help you create website and to make your website ON GOOGLE!
  5. A place with educational resources to help you get started! (There are videos too)

What is not Wealthy Affiliate?!

  1. Not a place to make you rich OVERNIGHT! (It took me 4 months to make $1000)
  2. It will not make you reach by “Just becoming a member” (HARD WORK NEED TO BE MADE!)
  3. Wealthy affiliate is NOT MLM!

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